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Scanners for Slides

Scanners for slides allow you to digitally store older photographs and negatives, instructional slides, and more.

For any teacher looking to upgrade their presentation technique, or a family looking to update their old photographs, you absolutely need to invest in scanners for slides.  These will enable you to take an old format that just isn’t used anymore, and convert it into a new digital medium.  By using scanners for slides, you’ll be able to preserve all of your old slide photographs for use in a completely new way.  As a teacher you can upgrade to the new age by creating PowerPoint presentations that incorporate your old slides.  When it comes to old family photo slides, you can ensure that you don’t lose those memories, just because you don’t use a projector anymore.

The main thing will be finding the type of scanners for slides that works for you, as there will be a few options before you.  You can either purchase a straight up scanner, which will allow you to transfer the slides to your computer directly.  Or you can also invest in a special attachment to go on any digital camera that you may have, so that you can take new high quality photos of old slides.  The camera method consists of an attachment that can fit onto most cameras, and displays the slide in perfect color depth, as well as image quality.  This way you’re able to snap a new digital image, that can quickly be transferred to your computer.

However, that method just isn’t perfect, and you can encounter blurry images, that aren’t the high quality that you might expect or hope for.  For that reason, you may want to go with standard scanners for slides.  These are special computer scanners that feature a port where you can place your slides directly.  Then the computer records the information, and converts the slide into a usable media format, so that your slide can be adapted to a variety of different uses.  This is great for breathing new life into old photographs.  But what’s more, you can take informational slides, and record them so that they can be adapted to a presentation in a completely new way.

You can purchase either type of scanner for slides from most electronics retailers.  Stores like Best Buy or even websites like offer exactly what you need to get those old slides converted for computer use.  Typically you can expect to pay in the area of $100 to $400 depending upon the quality of the scanner.  The nicer the scanners for slides that you choose, the more expensive they will become, so top performance will cost you more in the end.  But this can be a worthy investment, for ensuring that you can keep breathing life into your old slides.

However, if you don’t like the idea of committing to buying scanners for slides, or simply don’t feel you have enough need to own one, there are still options.  Most photograph scanning services will be able to handle your slides.  This way you can still convert the old format into a completely new type of information, but without needing to pay the retail price of buying scanners for slides.