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Paperless Office

Making the switch to a paperless office is easy, with plenty of software, systems, and solutions for your business.

Switching to a paperless office can be a great way to both help the environment, as well as greatly reduce costs throughout your business.  Most office buildings go through a massive amount of paper every day, whether it be through printed documents, junk mail, or simply printing out reports that will be read once and then thrown away.   That leads to a lot of waste, as well as a lot of expense that simply goes right out the window.  But by switching over to a paperless office, you can save a tone of money, as well as environmental resource that would otherwise be expended needlessly.

One of the best ways to begin the switch to a paperless office in your building, is simply by printing fewer documents.  Instead of printing a report, try emailing them throughout the office directly.  This way, a report can be viewed and catalogued right from your computer console, so that you can take the information you need, without having to waste paper.  You can even set up online fax services so that you can receive documents of all kinds digitally, so that you never have to worry about having paper around again.  This way, you still receive all of the important information that you need, but you don’t have to worry about the mess that comes with a bunch of paperwork that you don’t need.

Another way that a paperless office can really improve your businesses operation, is by switching over to all digital documents, instead of using the old paper system that you may currently have in place.  Not only is this easier to manage, it will make all of your important files instantly more accessible.  With a document scanning service you can have all of your old files converted to the new format, so that they will be instantly accessible from any computer terminal.  This way you don’t have to worry about keeping old filing cabinets around the building, and you’ll always have what you need when you need it.

But yet another way that you can switch to a more environmentally friendly paperless office, is simply by removing all of the clutter.  By using smart phone, or PDA devices, you can scan business cards so that you never need to keep another one again.  Plus, you can use a notepad on your PDA for taking down quick notations, instead of needing sticky notes of any kind.   You can even put your business on no junk mail lists, so that you can reduce the amount of trash that is sent into your office.  This way you’ll never have to worry about the buildup of items you don’t need again, and your office will run more smoothly for your efforts.

All the tools to completely convert to a paperless office are really right in front of you already.  By simply switching to email and internet fax programs instead of printing reports and faxes, you can really reduce your paper reliance.  But you can also find all the other products you need through stores like OfficeMax or Office Depot, where you can find great PDAs as well as devices that allow you to further reduce your paper needs in great new ways.