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Document Scanning Software

Document scanning software gives you easy imaging and archiving capabilities.

Almost every company is converting to digital files, by scanning old paper documents into their current computer network.  This is a great way to make documents easier to use, and much more effortless to maintain.  Plus storing old documents on a computer network makes the files accessible to more people much more quickly, whereas before finding paper documents could be a hassle.  But to do this, you’ll need more than just a scanner.  To appropriately scan and format documents, you need document scanning software.

Document scanning software is important to help your computer recognize the difference between text documents and photographs, so that they can be stored and used properly.  Good software will help you properly format any document quickly, and also convert and save them the right way, to be used most effectively.  This is necessary so that every document can be placed into the right program for proper use.  Otherwise you’ll have an awful lot of scanned files that are hard to use, and complicated to navigate.  That would completely defeat the purpose of switching to a more convenient digital upkeep.

The main things to look for in good document scanning software are optical character recognition (OCR) and optical mark recognition (OMR).  OCR is important for converting written documents into editable machine readable text.  This is useful for changing a paper file, into a computer file that can be read by programs like Microsoft Word for use and storage.  OCR works by recognizing print or even handwritten characters, and accurately converting them into standard text that can be used by your computer.

OMR works by recognizing hand made marks on a piece of paper.  Usually these refer to items like surveys, and other tests where the user has to fill out a form by replying to multiple choice questions.  When an answer is chosen, usually the corresponding letter or number is filled in with a pen or pencil.  OMR software works so that the computer can recognize which answer was chosen to which question.  This is important for scanning school test documents, as well as medical surveys for later use.

Try to find a reputable document scan software brand when choosing which type of document scanning software seems best for you.  Programs like Adobe Acrobat Capture are a good place to start.  Although programs like these can be expensive, so you’ll want to shop around to try and find the best software for your budget.  Your needs will really determine which type of program is best for you.  If you’ll only be scanning the same type of text documents for business use, a simpler program will be fine.  But for more complicated jobs you’ll need one of the better programs like Acrobat Capture.

When you’re looking to purchase document imaging software, a local computer store will have plenty of options.  Stores like Best Buy and Office Depot usually have a good selection that will work for you, but you can find cheaper options on websites like  Just be sure that the document scanning software you’re looking at is compatible with your scanner, before making a purchase.